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Dave Hopwood on RealityBites and International Students (Monday 8th April 2019 12:31pm)

Thanks for this Mark. Great to read this, a great springboard story there. I'm sure you will have been planting some vital seeds, keep going with your really important work. Stories are such a good way of helping us to think about life and its meaning, source and purpose.

Lid on Dangerous Faith in the Enneagram (Sunday 7th April 2019 4:40am)

Thank you so much for this post. Gnostic Christianity is not true Christianity but syncretism. I left a church staff because they were using the Enneagram and David Benner's work on false self/true self for discipleship. The Holy Spirit so totally opposed this within me that it was making me really upset. I tried to talk it through with our pastors and leaders, but they accused me of not understanding Paul's view of the flesh which they were equating with the false self. They said the Holy Spirit uses this tool. But, there's no power in the Enneagram.

David Hanson on Reflections on 'Developing a Christian Mind' 2019 (Monday 25th March 2019 5:41pm)

Lovely post, Alicia, and thanks for the Heaney poem.


Dave Hopwood on Scorpion Kick and God (Monday 18th March 2019 2:07pm)

I think it was St. Irenaeus who once said, 'The glory of a God is a human being fully alive.' Certainly this moment in football seems to express that. In answer to your first question Mark, I love great stories, particularly told though the medium of cinema; and a brilliant film, with captivating characters and interesting twists and turns in the plot often makes me feel alive, and at times fills me joy.

Steve Bishop on Announcing the Society of Christian Scholars (Friday 15th March 2019 4:55pm)

Thanks for alerting us to this group Richard

Gerardo Elizondo on Dangerous Faith in Santa Muerte (Monday 18th February 2019 10:45pm)

Can u have a Santa muerte and jesus altar together?

Dave Hopwood on Dangerous Faith in Infinite Progress (Thursday 7th February 2019 8:24am)

Thanks Mark, totally agree with that you say about technology being a gift from God, the internet creates so many opportunities for sharing good news and connecting with others. It strikes me that, when bright new futures are predicted, what is often overlooked is the selfishness at the heart of all of us. Something more is needed to help us with that, something Christians believe is found in a godly man dying on cross and crying out 'Father forgive them...' Something I believe to be more profound in fact than the wonders of technology.

Mark Roques on Christian Philosophy: a Systematic and Narrative Introduction (Wednesday 23rd January 2019 8:15pm)

Thanks Richard for this overview of this very helpful and insightful introduction to Christian Philosophy. I really enjoyed the book!

Richard Gunton on Transformation of Work (Tuesday 15th January 2019 2:04pm)

Hello Mark - D and I enjoyed this piece. And I'm delighted to hear that it's being used in Encounter With God.

As a botanist, I do have one complaint, though. Pineapples don't grow on trees! Or maybe they did in Eden...

Charles Stohmer on Transformation of Work (Tuesday 15th January 2019 2:04am)

Enjoyed reading your article, Mark. I'm sure it will inspire. Keep up your good work. Charles