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Brandon Dobbins on Dangerous Faith in Santa Muerte (Saturday 8th June 2019 10:53am)

You're missing the whole point you don't have to choose between Jesus Santa morta their package deal cannot have life without death Christ brings us eternal life but she comes for us all and not all those who follow her are criminals you can go ahead and pay stats that way because it's easy to serve your purposes but it's not the truth if you're a Christian you guys should speak the truth deal with your opposition truthfully don't spread lies about us I worship Christ but she will come for us all respective life without death has no balance and this world this

Dave Hopwood on Jodie Chesney, knife crime and the false worship of maths and science (Saturday 8th June 2019 10:25am)

This is sobering stuff, Mark. Reminds me of a little phrase in Judges 17, everyone doing right 'in their own eyes' - so having no outside guide to steer us. I'm also reminded of a line from a Sheryl Crowe song - 'If it makes you happy how can it be so bad? If it makes you happy, why are you still so sad?' Christianity can be seen as being shackled to an old fashioned, restrictive kind of life - yet so many are discovering that it continues to be about the truth that can set us free.

Dave Hopwood on Queen Victoria and the Occult (Saturday 8th June 2019 10:13am)

Thnaks for this Mark. The debate often comes down to - is the spiritual realm real or not? You raise here the insightful question - if the spiritual realm is real - is it all good and helpful? A really pertinent question. Reading about Jesus in the biblical gospels we find that he was very aware of the spiritual realm, and aware that some of it was not helpful. Whereas other aspects were literally life-saving! Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Richard Gunton on A science of science: Dick Stafleu's 'Theories at Work' (Friday 31st May 2019 12:03pm)

Thanks for pointing this out, Rudi.  Scientific research - at least historically in the physical sciences - seems to have advanced by postulating new irreducible principles and finding ways to project them back onto the numerical aspect - which is what Stafleu means by "objectifying", which is related to measuring (a very helpful insight into what can be meant by "obectivity").  I'm currently reading Time and Again, which is very helpful on this point; I hope to post a review of that in due course.  And I'm curious to see whether progress in the biological sciences can be described in simil

Rudi Hayward on A science of science: Dick Stafleu's 'Theories at Work' (Thursday 30th May 2019 11:05am)

Thanks Richard this is a helpful review. It's been a while since I read the book. What sticks in my mind is his discussion of principles of explanation in chapter 3. While we are constantly told that science progresses through reduction, Stafleu shows convincingly that science made progress by positing new irreducible principles. The Pythagoreans used number but with their theorem ended up with irrational numbers as they tried to explain spatial figures. Zeno accepted number and space and on that basis proved that motion was impossible.

David Hanson on A science of science: Dick Stafleu's 'Theories at Work' (Wednesday 29th May 2019 11:24am)

Beautiful, Richard!
How to get this blog circulated as widely as possible seems important to me - I'm sure those readers who understand social media can find ways.

Anne Burghgraef on A science of science: Dick Stafleu's 'Theories at Work' (Tuesday 28th May 2019 8:23pm)

Thanks for opening up Stafleu's work for us with such clarity and enthusiasm. Good scholarship is truly beautiful.

Dave Hopwood on Iron sharpens Iron: Fifty Questions for Radical Disciples (Saturday 4th May 2019 10:22am)

Searching questions Mark! Certainly many will spark conversation, if we are not all able to give answers. How about - is a story better than a sermon?? Great stuff Mark, keep going...

Steve Bishop on Iron sharpens Iron: Fifty Questions for Radical Disciples (Friday 3rd May 2019 8:22am)

Brilliant mate - some excellent, thought-provoking questions.

Here are a few I've come up with:

What does it mean to image God?

Why do Christians confuse full-time Christian mInistry with church-related activities?

Will we meet Muslims on the new earth?

What does it mean to be a good neighbour?

Why for so many is Christianity treated like a hobby, something we do on weekends?

Can we use the term Christian as an adjective eg Christian art, Christian philosophy ...?

Why do so many Christian book covers look awful?

Dave Hopwood on RealityBites and International Students (Monday 8th April 2019 12:31pm)

Thanks for this Mark. Great to read this, a great springboard story there. I'm sure you will have been planting some vital seeds, keep going with your really important work. Stories are such a good way of helping us to think about life and its meaning, source and purpose.