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Richard Gunton on Home Came for Christmas (Tuesday 8th January 2019 12:01pm)

Thanks for this inspiring piece, Georgina.

I was reflecting on the topic during Christmas services and thinking that we tend to miss the opportunity to build on the significance of the Incarnation once we've burned a few inches of the Advent candles, sung some cheery carols and put away the nativity props for another year.

Rev Scott on On Horses and Victory: Proverbs 21:31 (Wednesday 12th September 2018 9:27am)


David Hanson on Forays into finance (Tuesday 11th September 2018 8:56pm)

This is a fine post, Richard. "(C)ross-disciplinary insights that go beyond metaphors" is precisely what Dooyeweerd's systematic undergirds. Most folk who've heard of him understand a sort of check-list (his modal scale of aspects of existence and experience from the numerical to the fiduciary) that can protect the thinker or planner from egregious omissions).

Bruce Gulland on August Francke and his Christian vision for a German city (Tuesday 4th September 2018 4:44pm)


Mark Roques on Neymar 100% Jesus? (Tuesday 17th July 2018 5:45pm)

Thanks Ted for taking the time to make this comment. I don't know a lot about the Seven Mountains of Culture movement but from what you say they are proposing some kind of prosperity mindset. Is that right?

Ted Newell on Neymar 100% Jesus? (Tuesday 5th June 2018 4:27pm)

Mark, I suspect adherents of Seven Mountains of culture who want to retake the mountains as Christian citadels would see Neymar as sign of God's blessing.

Sareen Galbraith on Conversations with Dutch teachers and students (Sunday 13th May 2018 2:58pm)

Mark is an excellent communicator of the gospel. He has really challenged me to think about how I communicate the gospel to my friends, work colleagues and people I meet. I highly recomend his book.

Charles Strohmer on Dangerous Faith in the Enneagram (Saturday 17th March 2018 9:19pm)

Glad to see you taking on the Enneagram, Mark. It's become more popular in the States among Christians. The gnostic mindset you describe in your background notes reminds me of Jung's gnostic depth psychology. I wrote a journal about it yonks ago. I could try to dig it out for you if you wish. Keep up you good work. C.

Chris Armstrong on Review: Medieval Wisdom for Modern Christians (Saturday 17th February 2018 10:15pm)

Many thanks, Alicia, for this generous review. I still believe - and think I demonstrated - that Lewis was an "intuitive medieval" in ways that go well beyond his self-identification in (for example) his De Descriptione Temporum talk at Cambridge. And I most certainly agree that he was not perfect (nor was, of course, the church in the Middle Ages!). But these are small matters - which maybe we can tease out and discuss at greater length over tea or beer sometime.

Timothy Kuiper on Are we called to be academics? (Saturday 23rd December 2017 12:45am)

Many thanks Alicia. Found this a very helpful piece. The ideas provide stability to the swaying views of over or under spiritualizing our work.