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Alicia Smith on Richard Middleton on the royal human task (Monday 22nd May 2017 11:50am)

Thanks for this Eline! We enjoyed Richard's talk when he gave it at the Graduate Christian Forum here in Oxford. I love the idea of creation as a building, and of our creative (/academic) work as a smaller kind of construction - it seems to me that using this as a major metaphor helps us keep an appropriate scholarly humility by seeing the work as a public, useful edifice which others can contribute to, rather than an expression of personal genius. 

David Parry on Christian imposters? (Tuesday 4th April 2017 10:07am)

I liked this in the acknowledgements to Paul Lim's book on Richard Baxter (revised from his Cambridge PhD thesis): “Lastly my wife and trusted friend, Mikyung Kim, often reminded me of the great reality that my ultimate significance before the One was by grace, not by grade.”

Roy Clouser on God's workers? (Tuesday 28th March 2017 5:16pm)

(transmitted via David Hanson)

Alicia Smith on Christian imposters? (Monday 27th March 2017 12:06pm)

Thank you for this, Mark. It's certainly a feeling I've been dealing with in my first year of doctoral study, and it's made especially hard by the amount of fatalism around about the prospects of a successful academic career! I love the MacDonald phrase 'not driven but called': what freedom there can be in not constantly looking over our shoulders and panicking about the expectations we fear we can't meet, but instead looking ahead to the Goal of our faith, who has already accepted us.

Alicia Smith on God's workers? (Friday 24th March 2017 3:48pm)

Thanks for your thoughtful response to my post, Richard. It's good to hear differing perspectives on the nature of God's activity in the world. I agree that it's important to be wary of what we 'do' with the idea of sovereignty, and to reflect deeply on the perfect character of God.

David Hanson on Scholarly work under God (Monday 13th March 2017 7:32pm)

Thanks for the blog, Alicia. Not being too clever at deciphering poetics, I take Tolkien's "Artefact, man, sub-creator and refracted light" all to be the culturally mandated image-bearer of God.

Bruce Gulland on Death of a Roman Legion (Friday 10th March 2017 11:27am)

brave people, makes me ask too could I do the same?

Charles Strohmer on Death of a Roman Legion (Saturday 4th March 2017 1:51am)

Fascinating story, Mark. I wrote a little about the legion some years ago, in a different context. Didn't run across that event. What's the source? Keep up your good work.

David Parry on Review: James K. A. Smith's 'Who's afraid of postmodernism'? (Friday 17th February 2017 1:28pm)

Thanks for this, Mark. For those interested in Christian perspectives on postmodernism, I would like to highlight Dr Christopher Watkin's upcoming free online course (MOOC) on 'Postmodernism and the Bible' running weekly for seven weeks starting in March. Chris is Senior Lecturer in French Studies at Monash University in Australia, with a particular expertise in contemporary French philosophy.

Roy Clouser on The multi-faceted meaning of life (Tuesday 7th February 2017 9:14pm)

Good one!