Past events

The Transforming Vision - logo
Tuesday 24th January 2017Tuesday 31st January 2017Tuesday 7th February 2017Tuesday 28th February 2017Tuesday 7th March 2017Tuesday 14th March 2017Tuesday 21st March 2017Tuesday 28th March 2017

Has our faith got anything to say about Brexit, President Trump or the migrant crisis? Can the Bible shed any light here? Is 'going to heaven' the only hope? Have we sidelined the kingdom's agenda for the 'restoration of all things'? Come and explore the relevance of our faith today in the capable hands of David Hanson, over fine wine and cheese.

Business and the Kingdom - logo
Saturday 12th November 2016

Richard Higginson, Carole Howorth, Andy Jolley and Mark McAllister explore what good business in the context of God's purposes looks like.

Re-imagining Church - logo
Saturday 29th October 2016

Building, Body of Christ, institution, gathering, bride, event, community, family, priesthood of all believers, organism… what exactly is the Church?

Celebrity Culture, Trafficking and Responsible Citizenship - logo
Thursday 20th October 2016

This event has been postponed.


Philosophy for Peace-makers - logo
Saturday 24th September 2016

Jeremy Ive explores how a Christian philosophy is foundational to the relational peacebuilding approach. With optional workshop on developing a Christian philosophy.

The Bible in six acts - logo
Monday 12th September 2016Monday 19th September 2016Monday 26th September 2016Monday 3rd October 2016Monday 10th October 2016Monday 17th October 2016

How does the whole Bible story unfold, from Genesis to Revelation?

Packed with new ideas, real-life stories, discussion, prayer and worship, this course will help you to read the big story of the Bible in a fresh light and understand how you can live out your faith in day-to-day life. 

Brons and Biglands - logo
Friday 24th June 2016

Dave Brons and John Biglands in concert and conversation.

Daily Faith - logo
Wednesday 22nd June 2016Wednesday 29th June 2016Wednesday 6th July 2016Wednesday 13th July 2016

This four-session course explores biblical teaching on work, rest and play, telling inspiring stories of Christians who have lived 'life in all its fullness' every day.

When I needed a Neighbour - logo
Friday 3rd June 2016Tuesday 7th June 2016Tuesday 14th June 2016Tuesday 21st June 2016

How do we understand our neighbours if their culture is different to ours? How can we engage in dialogue and evangelism with those of other faiths? And how can we build strong, cohesive communities through peace-building and reconciliation?

Politics, Power and Protest logo
Saturday 14th May 2016

Through talks and discussion, this day conference will explore politics in the Bible, Jesus and politics, power, social justice and protest and a Christian approach to politics.

Friday 5th June 2015

WYSOCS is delighted to present Tom McLeish, Professor in Physics at Durham University and Fellow of the Royal Society, to deliver our summer talks onFaith and Wisdom in Science.