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Wednesday 24th January 2018 7:30pm to 9:30pm

'Going to heaven' has topped the bill in sharing the gospel and Christian outlook for a very long time. It's therefore not surprising that Christians have needed a lot of prodding to take climate change seriously, or that slavery went unchallenged century after century.

When it comes to the turmoil of the last couple of years - with the evangelical vote seemingly helping Donald Trump to get elected and British Christianity having nothing distinctive to say about Brexit - the promise of heaven seems to encourage retreat from the public square.

Where might these things sit in the far more Biblical perspective of a 'restitution of all things'?

In our 8-session course (the sixth we've run in Leeds), we will re-explore the Bible's big story in light of the 'reformational' tradition.

Join us to discover that God's creation project is not going to be trashed - and that history, vocation, grace and nature, arts, sciences and humanities, politics and philosophy are all validated in the big biblical story.

Enticingly, each session is presented and discussed over an artisan cheese and a fine paired wine, with each session led by retired surgeon David Hanson, whose life has been closely involved in reformational movements worldwide and the reformational philosophy that undergirds them.

If Christianity is true, it should transform everything, starting with our vision of the world.

Participants are limited to twelve to aid good discussion - book now.

The Programme

Creation, Cosmos & Covenant (Wednesday 24th January 2018)
What is the world for?

Image, Calling and Culture (Wednesday 31st January 2018)
Listening to the creation.

Structure and Trajectory in the Creation Project (Wednesday 7th February 2018)
Sin is less powerful than the Word

(Half term break)

Law / Grace, Body / Soul, Earth / Heaven (Wednesday 21st February 2018)
Are we wedded to dualisms?

Gospel and Kingdom (Wednesday 28th February 2018)
Any good news before Easter?

The Church and the people of God in society (Wednesday 7th March 2018)
What is the church for?

Christian scholarship (Wednesday 14th March 2018)
Being a Christian can make you a better scientist.

Response - ability (Wednesday 21st March 2018)
What must I do with the time that is given to me?

The speakers

David Hanson's (MA FRCS) career as a consultant surgeon included senior lectureship at the University of Leeds. Formerly General Secretary of the International Association for Reformed Faith and Action, he has maintained links with Christian scholars in many disciplines around the world. David is married to Ruth and is trustee of Thinking Faith Network.

Other speakers will be drawn from Thinking Faith's network.


Places are £50, or £90 for two tickets booked together. If you would like to attend but are concerned about cost, please do get in touch with us.