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Monday 1st January 2018 (All day)

Dates in early 2018 and venue in Nottingham to be confirmed.

Is Christianity all about getting souls into heaven? What does our faith say about our job? How should Christians live differently? Is there a biblical worldview that can guide everything we do?

If your gospel is just about going to heaven, the turmoil of the last year can only accelerate a retreat from engaging with the world. The migrant crisis, Brexit, President Trump and an increase in hate speech can be hard to relate to the promise of heaven.

Does our faith say nothing about them? Where do they figure in the 'restoration of all things'. How should we react?

This eight-session course (running for the sixth time) gives a fresh perspective on how we attempt authentic Christian responses to the turmoil around us. It explores the 'big story' of the Bible through the lens of the reformational tradition.

Join us to explore how history, vocation, grace and nature, arts, sciences and humanities, Church, philosophy and scholarship expand that big biblical story.

We meet in lovely surroundings for discussion over good wine and cheese, with input from retired surgeon David Hanson and others.

Creation, Cosmos & Covenant
What is the world for?

Image, Calling and Culture
Listening to the creation.

Structure and Direction
What does sin corrupt in creation?

Law / Grace, Body / Soul, Earth / Heaven
Are we wedded to dualisms?

Gospel and Kingdom
Any good news before Easter?

The Church and the people of God in society
What is the church for?

Christian scholarship
What is God’s general revelation?

Response - ability
What must I do with the time that is given to me?

If you would like to attend by are concerned about cost, please do get in touch with us.