Have you ever thought about flies? They can ruin a picnic without trying very hard. Ponder how different religions and philosophies look at these irritating insects.

The Egyptians worshipped them as gods.

Plato said flies are just prisons for badly-behaved souls.

Materialists contend that flies are just items for sale (£1 per item).

Do you know what Scripture tells us about them? The book of Colossians tells us that bluebottles were made by and for Jesus? Jesus is Lord of all… even bluebottles.

Mark Roques
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Mark Roques

For eleven years Mark taught Philosophy and Religious Studies at Prior Park College, Bath. As Director of RealityBites since 2005, he has developed a rich range of resources for teachers and is a popular speaker at educational conferences in the UK, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. Mark is the author of three books, including the Religious Education textbook The Good, The Bad and The Misled, and his innovative approach has led him to appear on television (Channel 4) and radio.