I am writing a short booklet which aims to help people to talk creatively about Jesus. This is my first chapter. Love feedback if you have a moment.                  

Chapter 1 From Food to Jesus

A lot of people enjoy talking about food, recipes and celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Nigella Lawson. Imagine you are cutting up some garlic with a non-Christian friend, Derek, in your kitchen. Try out this possible spiel:

“Derek, I absolutely love garlic but did you know that vampires are terrified of garlic? There are people in Hungary who believe that garlic has power over evil spirits and bloodthirsty vampires. What do you think? In my view garlic is not to be trusted! I admit to being old-fashioned because I believe that Jesus has defeated evil. Trust in Him and not in garlic.”

If that doesn’t float your boat, try this one:

“Did you know that there were pagans who did not dare eat leeks, garlic or onions for fear of injuring their gods? These heathens worshipped these sacred vegetables. Derek, forgive my frankness but as a Christian I believe it is foolish to worship leeks, garlic and onions. The apostle Paul tells us to worship Jesus (Col 1:16). He made onions. leeks and garlic in the beginning.”

How about this spiel with a focus on cumin?

“Derek, did you know that some followers of the Wiccan religion believe that herbs like basil, cumin and sage can protect you from evil spirits? What a contrast with Christian faith that holds that Jesus has defeated death, sin and the powers of darkness in His death and resurrection? Who do you trust? Cumin or Jesus?”

Suppose you are talking to Sid, a vegetarian pal, try out this spiel:

“Sid, I love courgettes, cucumbers, tomatoes, aubergines and especially parsnips. Did you know that some religions teach that people with a bad karma are reincarnated in these vegetables? What a contrast with the hope of the resurrection body. Those who love and follow Jesus will not end up caged in a parsnip but will enjoy a fantastic resurrection body.”

English people enjoy talking about fish and chips so work on this patter:

“What’s the best chippie near you, Derek? I love cod and chips. Did you know that Plato, the Greek philosopher, believed that lazy, stupid, bad people are reborn in crabs, prawns and haddock? What a contrast with Christian teaching. People live only once (Hebrews 9:27) and then are judged by how they have responded to Jesus. Those who love and trust in Jesus are given wonderful resurrection bodies (1 Cor 15:42-44) and will live in a new heaven and a new earth (Rev 21). Plato was a clever boffin but his faith in karma was completely wrong.”

Mark Roques
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Mark Roques

Mark taught Philosophy and Religious Education at Prior Park College, Bath, for many years. As Director of RealityBites he has developed a rich range of resources for youth workers and teachers. He has spoken at conferences in the UK, Holland, South Korea, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. Mark is a lively storyteller and the author of four books, including The Spy, the Rat and the Bed of Nails: Creative Ways of Talking about Christian Faith. His work is focused on storytelling and how this can help us to communicate the Christian faith. He has written many articles for the Baptist Times, RE Today, Youthscape, Direction magazine and the Christian Teachers Journal.