What is the place of faith in public life in the UK? Beyond secularism that seeks to relegate faith to the margins, and a ‘Christian Nation’ position that seeks to retain, or even regain Christian public privilege, is there a third way?

Jonathan Chaplin’s recent three-part Faith in Democracy seminar series for our partners at All of Life Redeemed answers a resounding ‘yes’.

In Part 1 Jonathan discusses the relevance of Democracy to people of faith:

Part 2 contrasts Christianity and Secularism:

Part 3 considers political engagement by faith communities:

These seminars build on Jonathan’s recent publication, Faith in Democracy: framing a politics of deep diversity (2021, SCM Press) which calls for an approach that maximises public space for the expression of faith-based visions within democratic fora, while repudiating all traces of religious privilege. Jonathan argues for a truly conversational space, reflecting theologically on the contested concepts at the heart of the current debate about the place of faith in British public life: democracy, secularism, pluralism and public faith.

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