Does Christian faith make a difference to food and eating? Anyone who reads the Bible will know that the answer is yes – absolutely. But how can knowing Jesus affect studies of agriculture, economics and diet? Over the last month, we gathered eight Christian scholars to speak about the many faces of sustainable food systems, and to stimulate discussion about every stage of the food supply chain, from farm to plate. Each talk suggested fascinating fresh perspectives on this everyday topic and some were positively eye-opening. Have you ever heard a philosophy of home cooking? Or wondered about Christian perspectives on organic farming or vegetarianism? Or suspected that banking could be a lot more productive than it is?

Now we’re pleased to announce that the talks are available to view online. Here’s a brief overview, with links to watch each one:

  1. Climate-smart agroforestry in Malawi: Dr Yoseph Araya describes an inspiring win-win project that’s bringing hope and prosperity in Malawian communities.
  2. How broad is sustainable intensification? Dr Richard Gunton looks at the diversity of visions for sustainable farming, from organic to hydroponics.
  3. Eating as a normative practice: Dr Jan van der Stoep presents an analysis of the values embedded in the daily social act of eating.
  4. Whose world, whose sustainability? Recovering the interests of the planet: Dr Philip Sampson presents a compelling biblical argument for avoiding animal products.
  5. Economics of food security: Dr Plamen Ivanov gives a global and historical outline of how we reached the current neoliberal economic system, and how we could do better.
  6. Financing sustainable food supplies: Prof. Richard Werner lays out a model of how banking really works, and how the system can be changed to direct finance to where it’s really needed.
  7. The many faces of sustainable home cooking: Dr Martin Verkerk unpacks the cultural richness of cooking a simple meal at home.
  8. Animals in perspective: on animals and transitions towards sustainability: Dr Franck Meijboom looks at scholarly movements concerning animal welfare.

These illustrated talks range from 24 to 36 minutes in length and are sure to give you food for thought. Enjoy!

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