Transforming all of life through applying Christian thinking

At Thinking Faith we are passionate about using our minds and imaginations to release the wisdom of the Christian faith into the world as a force for good.

We want to work with others to:

  • create spaces where people can think deeply and creatively about the important issues of our day.
  • help discipleship and evangelism become more engaging and effective.
  • provide insight and direction for our daily work, mission and social action.

We work in relationship with with a global network of respected academics and professional practitioners who work hard to:

  • help us think about life from a deeply Christian perspective
  • enrich our understanding of work, rest, play and worship
  • develop fresh and new ways of communicating the Christian message in a post-Christian world.

Thinking Faith Network works in three areas:

  • LifeMatters hosts discussions, conferences and courses thinking creatively about faith in daily life and exploring how Christian faith impacts every area of life and the universe we live in.
  • RealityBites thinks creatively about communicating the Christian faith, working with schools, churches and other organisations to compare and contrast different worldviews.
  • Faith-in-Scholarship thinks creatively about the ideas that shape our world, encouraging dynamic Christian thinking in the university and beyond and exploring academic study, creative endeavour and scientific thinking from a faith perspective.