A very large gold clock with a black locust-like sculpture on top, framed in a stone archway

The Chronophage and the Scholar

Do you ever feel like your time is being nibbled away – like no matter what you do, how carefully you plan and manage, something is always inexorably eating at the time you thought you had? It’s a familiar feeling for academics, and it’s also part of the inspiration behind one of the most striking pieces of public art in Cambridge – the Corpus Clock, or Chronophage.

El Greco's "Christ Driving the Money-Changers from the Temple"

The heresy of orthodox economics

Orthodox free-market economics, rooted in principles of self-interest, individualism, and limited government intervention, has often been criticized for its perceived divergence from Christian values. This critique stems from several key areas of conflict between the two ideologies, including the primacy of self-interest, the neglect of communal well-being, and the potential Read more…