Mr Khan has killed 400 girls

I would like to show you how to compare and contrast the dangerous materialist faith with the Christian faith. It’s an intelligent and engaging way to talk about God’s kingdom. Mention Hobbes if you like.

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A few years ago the journalist Ross Kemp interviewed a notorious human trafficker in Bengal. This is what Mr Khan said:

“I’ve been trafficking for seven years. I’ve trafficked three to four thousand girls. We go to poor communities, often Muslim or tribal and we look for real beauties. The girls are auctioned and go to the highest bidder. £8500 was the most I got for a girl. I have sold girls as young as 12. If the girls try to run away or if there’s any trouble, then the girls are killed and buried. I’ve killed about 400 girls. I’m telling the truth.”

Notice that Mr Khan has a set of materialist beliefs that can be put like this:

  • I believe that girls can be bought and sold as commodities
  • I believe that their lives have no value.
  • I believe that murder is acceptable in business.
  • I believe that serving the Money god is the right way to live.

This is how a Christian should respond to Mr Khan:

  • I believe that vulnerable girls are made in God’s image.
  • I believe that Jesus loves those girls.
  • I believe that Mr Khan must repent and shun evil.
  • I believe that  Mr Khan will have to give an account of his life.
  • I tell you the truth, he who believes has everlasting life. John 6:47

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Heart-breaking to read this Mark, to realise that lives can be viewed in this way. As a commodity. Thank you for highlighting the value of each of us, every person precious, unique and made in the image of God.

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