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Bruce Gulland on Ministry to Sixth Formers (Thursday 24th December 2020 11:00am)

This is so good to read about Mark, thank you

Roger Fernando on Ministry to Sixth Formers (Tuesday 22nd December 2020 3:30am)

Thanks for allowing me to read this Mark. It is excellent! The idea of using current or relevant 'pop' music is great. We run a Philosophy of ideas for our Year 12s (6th formers) at Mount Evelyn Christian School. I'll email the link to the teachers with your permission.

Liz Wood on Frank Sinatra on Christian Faith (Sunday 20th December 2020 9:38pm)

I'm Holy Spirit baptised and it never ceases to amaze me how judgmental evangelicals can be. Have you not read Judge you not or you shall be judged and Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; ... First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye. What does this mean? It means strive to see your fellow men and women as made in the image and likeness of God and hold to that fact and you will do more to eradicate sin than critcizing another man's life.

Dave Hopwood on Ministry to Sixth Formers (Wednesday 16th December 2020 3:18pm)

Thanks for this Mark, I love the way you cut through the religious stuff that creates barriers and instead speak of the stuff of life and this fractured world. Really powerful. Thank you.

Dave Hopwood on Compare and Contrast Approach to Discipleship (Thursday 12th November 2020 11:20am)

Thank you for these thoughts and your account here of sharing faith Mark. It's something so many of us struggle with, but you bring a way of sharing faith that is open-handed, caring and intelligent. Thank you.

Jake w on Compare and Contrast Approach to Discipleship (Wednesday 11th November 2020 9:55pm)

Smashing read. No one likes a head on challenge. Non confrontational approaches prevent the bridge being lifted! Cheer!

Bruce Gulland on Compare and Contrast Approach to Discipleship (Tuesday 10th November 2020 5:54pm)

Thanks Mark, great, and I love the humorous asides!

Owen Carey Jones on Compare and Contrast Approach to Discipleship (Tuesday 10th November 2020 2:16pm)

An excellent piece which explains well how we can reach those of other faiths, as long as we understand their faith so that we can tell them the truth.

Marilyn Dorn on Frank Sinatra on Christian Faith (Wednesday 14th October 2020 9:43am)

He went to daily mass later on in life. His views changed with age. He was on medication for depression and sexual sins are part of depression. One of his parents hails from the same small town in Sicily as mobster Lucky Luciano.
I believe he repented later on in life, who knows for sure.

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