Past events

Knife and sharpener
Friday 28th May 2021Friday 25th June 2021Friday 30th July 2021Friday 27th August 2021Friday 24th September 2021Friday 29th October 2021

Iron Sharpens Iron is a discussion group where we aim to sharpen each other as disciples of Jesus.

Person praying, compass recalibration and business meeting
Saturday 7th November 2020

Pause: Recalibrate: Worship @ Work. This conference is an opportunity to pause and reflect on what God is saying; to check we are on His course; and to ensure that our work and worship are aligned in values and purpose, so that we become fruitful in building His Kingdom in His world.

Evangelism Without The Cringe Factor - logo
Thursday 30th January 2020Thursday 6th February 2020Thursday 13th February 2020Thursday 20th February 2020Thursday 27th February 2020Thursday 5th March 2020

Mark Roques leads six workshops equipping you to talk confidently about the Christian faith.

Business and the Kingdom 2019 - logo
Saturday 9th November 2019

Our fourth annual conference on faith and business for the north of England.

World and Church 2019 - logo
Friday 17th May 2019

Three spring lectures by Prof John Goldingay on the prophets Jeremiah and Daniel, and what they can tell us about the world and the church.

Black Tea for H. R. Rookmaaker - logo
Saturday 30th March 2019

Artist Peter S Smith explores art historian Dr Rookmaaker's challenging view of Christianity and the Arts, as experienced in a decade of letters and meetings, accompanied by an exhibition of Peter's work.

Christian Responses to the Far Right - logo
Friday 22nd February 2019

Dr William Allchorn will look at the rise of populist far right parties across Europe, and what Christians should do about it.

Feminism: still a dirty word? - logo
Friday 7th December 2018

"Feminism": How Christians characterise it, how it can be redeemed, and what all this can teach us about ourselves. A free lecture with Dr Valerie Hobbs.

Faith in Business 2018 - logo
Saturday 13th October 2018

A conference on faith and business for the north of England.

Why the world is failing - logo
Saturday 12th May 2018

Dr Craig Bartholomew will help us to understand the world-views and practices that are blighting our world, and how we as followers of Jesus Christ can respond with insight and healing.

Dangerous Faith
Wednesday 14th February 2018Wednesday 21st February 2018Wednesday 28th February 2018Wednesday 7th March 2018Wednesday 14th March 2018

Five practical workshops equipping you to share the gospel with confidence and creativity.

The Transforming Vision - logo
Wednesday 24th January 2018

Our 8-session course exploring the Bible's big story, and what it says about migrants, Trump and Brexit, through the lens of the reformational tradition.