When Questions Question You

Dear Toby/i, I’ve been thinking about the off-hand comment you made in our seminar last week – when …

Tom McLeish
Prof. Tom McLeish

Sad news emerged last week about Tom McLeish, professor of natural philosophy at the University of Y…

Biblical Critical Theory? Digging into new resources with Good News for the University

I'm kicking off a new series today which we hope will both alert you to another initiative in the fi…

Scholarship as Christian Courage

Dear Martin/e, This academic year, I’ve been reflecting with you on the topic of questions when it c…

Blue sky through a cave mouth, rotated
Creation’s incredible intelligibility

Understanding is a wonderful thing! I hope you’ve had many light-bulb moments in your past edu…

The Questions Within You

Happy New Year Paul/ette! Thank you for your courage in our seminar today! Many eager and anxious st…

Connections for 2023

At the start of this new year, I’d like to offer you my selection of online initiatives that y…

The Discipline of Discernment

Dear Stephan/ie, Your question is such a good one: What difference does it make to my studies that I…

Postdoc life as a liminal space

I’ve written here before about different stages in my academic career, and the opportunities a…

Do You Know Who’s With You?

Dear Robert/a, I’m so glad you came to see me in my office yesterday. It was good to hear how the ye…

Hope for the future of Christian higher education

This is the title of a conference I have just returned from in Liverpool – and also, I would s…

Teaching and learning in Narnia

The post two weeks ago by Richard described the inspiration found in C.S. Lewis’s The Abolitio…

Worldviews and Faithful Scholarship

Dear Christian Graduate Student, In my last post, I encouraged you to begin the academic year with a…

CS Lewis: a visionary for our time?

Many people know of C.S. Lewis through his Narnia stories. Many Christians also know him as an apolo…

Imitating the Inklings

Today I want to follow up my last post, about how exemplary figures, whether in our lives, in the Bi…

Image of music book with autumn leaves
Art in times of crisis

Some years ago now, I wrote a post about the relationship between my faith and my love for avant-gar…

Love the Questions

New and returning graduate students, Welcome to this new 2022-2023 academic year! You have come to t…

Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash
What to study?

Now is a time when many students are choosing subjects to study. Those applying for undergraduate de…

Sustainability as Flourishing

A guest post by Victor Morales. Sustainable development has become the main issue at the dawn of thi…

Flourishing trees

About six weeks ago, I had the privilege of chairing one of the series of ‘Feeding the Earth’ webina…

Hands with a world map on
Feeding the Earth – talks online!

Does Christian faith make a difference to food and eating? Anyone who reads the Bible will know that…

Magna Carta (an official exemplification from 1215, held in the British Library)
When ethical systems collide

News reports in the UK these last few days have commented on the resignation of Lord Geidt, the Prim…

Learning by example?

This year I have been thinking often about exemplars – figures in history, or fiction, seen as…

The Foundation of Christian Scholars(hip)

We now come to the conclusion of our series on Herman Dooyeweerd’s In the Twilight of Western T…

Hands with a world map on
Feeding the Earth

This Friday sees the launch of a series of lunchtime webinars about a topic that affects all of us: …

Faith, Theology, and Philosophy – For All!

So far in our journey through Herman Dooyeweerd’s book In the Twilight of Western Thought, we …

a feedback survey
Assessment, ranking and identity

As we enter May and begin to feel summer approach, academics around the UK are gearing up for a seas…

Swallowed up by life

Easter is mysterious. This isn’t a conclusion many come to in our culture today: from a secula…

What is your experience?

Walking into a classroom at one of the top universities in the world after 12 years out of education…

What’s Going On Here?

We’re continuing our discussion of Herman Dooyeweerd’s little book, In the Twilight of Western …

Hyperlinked Bible
What’s Your Story?

One of the fruitful ideas I keep returning to in my life and scholarship is how stories or narrative…

Christian sustainability?

Sustainability is the watchword of our time. I wonder if it is the most widely shared ethic in today…

Herman Dooyeweerd, I Love You!

This is the second installment of my series of reflections on Herman Dooyeweerd’s little book, …

The many-sided wisdom of God

The KLC Junior Scholars’ Reading Group looking at Herman Dooyeweerd’s book In the Twilig…

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The Cambridge Scholars Network
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A science of science: Dick Stafleu’s ‘Theories at Work’
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Review: Christianity and the University Experience
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Christian Postgrad Ministries attendees
Catalysing Postgraduate Ministry: a special conference
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The secret society of Christian postgrads
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Reflections on ‘Developing a Christian Mind’ 2019
Warwick Castle
High Walls and Ivory Towers: Inadequacy in Academia
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Announcing the Society of Christian Scholars
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What can Christians do to combat the Far Right?
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Christian Philosophy: a Systematic and Narrative Introduction
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