The Myth of Neutrality

When I was a young child visiting my grandparents, they often had a detective show on the TV. I can still picture Perry Mason encouraging some distraught woman to give him, “Just the facts, ma’am.” It…

The life of Covid

I’m recovering from a Covid infection as I write. It’s been a mild one, like a dry flu, and for this I feel grateful for the vaccinations I received back in the summer. Even before contrac…

Fighting fire with fire: Politics and the Bible

If we want to bring the Bible into political life, we cannot do so too directly. Or so we are told. Many in Western Europe wince when politicians elsewhere quote verses to support their positions, sen…

The Place of Academic Life

This week I will be giving my final lecture in a first-year university course that I’ve been teaching each Fall for a few years. It’s an overview of the Bible, Genesis 1 to Revelation 22, in one semes…

Researching medieval miracles

‘Do miracles really happen? Is there a God or gods who actively intervene in human history?’ Lydia McCutcheon reflects on engaging with accounts of divine intervention as a historian.

How Money Makes You Sad

At my university this semester, I’ve been thinking a lot about money. I think I’ve always thought about money over the sixteen years I’ve been here. That’s partly because it’s a university with a hist…

Walking in freedom

“I will always obey your law, for ever and ever. I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts.” (Psalm 119:44‭-‬45) Academic freedom is a frequent talking point in our…

"Thank you NHS" message painted on road
The Virus and the Soul

The word “Covid” surely evokes a mental reaction now from people everywhere in the world. The illness caused by this particular virus has inflicted suffering and death in almost every…

Every Breath the University Takes, continued…

Last week I started this reflection on the state of the university today by looking at the recent film, “Every Breath You Take.” As I said, “There are many ways one could think about…

Every Breath the University Takes

As a seminarian in a former life, I was cautioned against being “a quivering mass of availability” (a phrase from American theologian Stanley Hauerwas); but in a congregation, this seemed to be what w…

Faith in Democracy

We commonly grant nowadays that most of us live in societies that are pluralistic and largely secular. Many places in the West, as a growing number of writers and thinkers have noted, can be called po…

Covid, language, information

We’re continuing our series of posts considering the Covid-19 pandemic from the perspective of the various ‘aspects’ proposed by reformational philosophy. We’ve already considered perspectives of econ…

Keep Calm sign
Is Covid history?

A virus in itself, even Covid-19, doesn’t know what effects it can have in our world. It’s simply part of the natural world, part of the domain of the microbiologists. But when a virus sparks a pandem…

College library building
Why do a PhD? Because God has a plan…

As a part of the ‘Why do a PhD?’ series of blogs posts, I thought I’d contribute my own thoughts on the decision to do a doctorate. I must say that I have struggled with this post, because—like most p…

Abraham Kuyper’s view of the natural sciences

Steve Bishop writes about his recently-published paper on Kuyper. Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) was a Dutch statesman, a theologian, a church reformer, a journalist and more. The recent project to t…

Power corrupts but absolute power is kinda cool
Christian Scholarship and Power

As the newest member of the Faith in Scholarship team, I’ve been asked to introduce myself as my colleagues have previously done. I am currently based in London (Ontario, Canada!) where I serve as cha…

Poppy with shadow
A Reformational theory of objectivity?

Can Christian thinking enhance academic work?  It’s our conviction, at Faith-in-Scholarship, that it can.  I believe that worshipping and following Jesus Christ as lord of creation and…

Person wearing face mask
Ethical decision-making amid the Covid pandemic

Ethical decision-making: when might we choose to continue wearing masks if the law doesn’t require it? Image by Julián Amé from Pixabay, used with permission This is the next…

Painting of windmill
Aesthetic Experience During Lockdown: Art and Hope

In the past year, while worldwide lockdowns have been instituted for the preservation of life, many people have been forced to ponder anew what the value of it is: what, if anythin…

Virus and graph
COVID-19 and Economics

Before the pandemic, recent university graduates often told me about their struggles finding work in their field of study. Since the pandemic, most young adults I talk to have given up on the idea of …

Aesthetic experience in the Covid era

This is the third in a series of posts considering the Covid-19 pandemic from the perspective of the various ‘aspects’ proposed by reformational philosophy. Last week Alicia Smith …

St Michael's Mount
Religion in public in the Covid era

In this week’s installment of our series of reflections on the various dimensions of the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m briefly considering the question: how has Covid-19 revealed the religio…

Left and right signposts
Challenging Christian stereotypes

Mike offered some advice for navigating scholarly disagreement a few weeks ago, and today I want to ask some questions about what may be the most prominent rift among Christians in…

COVID-19 word cloud
Making sense of Covid

We’re starting a new series looking at the phenomenon of Covid-19, this strange disease that has spread to virtually every part of the world’s population over the last 18 months or so and …

Cartoon showing frustration with computers
Navigating Scholarly Disagreement

Mike Wagenman introduces a new series on scholarly disagreement. How does a Christian scholar navigate scholarly disagreements? Over the years, I’ve endured my fair share of differences of opinion, pe…

Congregation in a graveyard
Worshipping in the graveyard

I attended an open-air service this weekend, at our local parish church. Our family has moved house recently and we haven’t yet settled into a new church. But this open-air gathering seemed huge…

Foggy road
One year on: writing from the middle of the story

It’s almost a year since my last post for FiSch, on writing my acknowledgements to my recently completed thesis. Since then I’ve defended and finalised it: anyone who cares to can now down…

Three crosses
A high priest who can sympathise

We enter Holy Week this year just a few days after the year-anniversary of the UK’s first lockdown. What a difference a year makes. It’s become a staple of the national conversation in rec…

African Wild Dog
God’s Vision for our Relationship with the Natural World

This post is by Dr Timothy Kuiper, a postdoc in Zoology at the University of Oxford who studies elephant conservation in Zimbabwe. I am a natural doubter – in my faith and in my work. …

Church forests: the Gospel in trees?

Today I want to share a fascinating story of Christian celebration of biodiversity.  In the highlands of Ethiopia, circular church buildings are surrounded by patches of the forest that once cove…

Is Science being defrocked?

We posted on the secularization of science last summer, in connection with Herman Dooyeweerd’s essay of that title.  Like me, you may have been surprised to learn that f…

Power as a Christian Scholar’s Vocation

Mike Wagenman takes a timely look at the power of big tech in the context of public theology. I’m honoured to introduce myself in this forum and suggest a way that Christian faith and the public …

Man standing in field of grass
Science and Revelation

My post on Revelation and Science has raised quite a lot of interest. Even before I finished it I thought of some further important things to say, and further conversations with fr…

Laptop keyboard
Technology, inclusion, community

Image: my laptop – I’ve been spending a lot of time here lately… Over the past term, I have been joining educators around the country in getting to grips with new ways of teaching. I’ve be…

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Review: Christianity and the University Experience
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High Walls and Ivory Towers: Inadequacy in Academia
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Announcing the Society of Christian Scholars
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Review: Desiring the Kingdom, James K.A. Smith
Poster for Christian Responses to the Far Right event
What can Christians do to combat the Far Right?
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Fools for Christ
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Christian Philosophy: a Systematic and Narrative Introduction
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Ezra Pound: A Lesson in Discernment
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CS Lewis' space trilogy
‘That Hideous Strength’ and institutional sin
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Forays into finance
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On Horses and Victory: Proverbs 21:31
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Taking time apart: discipline and blessing
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A Reflection on Ecclesiastes
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Knowing truth: statistics and faith
Plurality of values leading to good outcome
Ideas for government policymakers
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What is a University
What is a University Club?
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Eternal progress: how to find fresh ideas
Church Scientific workshop
Could a Christian worldview enhance science?
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Easter reflection: R.S. Thomas, ‘Suddenly’
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The transcendental context of Christian academic work
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Universities for the Cultural Mandate
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Soli Deo Gloria
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Review: Why Study? Exploring the Face of God in the Academy
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Review: Medieval Wisdom for Modern Christians
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