Christ Among the Disciplines: day conference coming up

Forming a Christian Mind (FACM) equips Christians in the academic world for their double calling: to study excellently from the basis of a biblical worldview, and to use what they study for cultural apologetics and mission.  And if you're a postgraduate student, post-doc or junior academic, you're invited to the Forming A Christian Mind day conference in central Cambridge next Saturday (9 February 2019).

Entitled "Christ Among the Disciplines: approaching your subject in the light of the Gospel", this event will explore how the Christian faith interacts with personal and academic development.  It follows on the success of about 6 years of more general FACM conferences (e.g. those we reported here and here), the aim of which is to help postgraduates and post-docs develop their capacity to think biblically about their discipline and address the tensions between secular and Christian perspectives on their subject of study, both in the university and in wider society.  The events are open to academics from anywhere (not just Cambridge) across the sciences, arts and humanities, demonstrating how Christian worldview is vital to every area of study.

Craig Bartholomew (theologian and director of KLICE, Tyndale House) will start the day by examining how the narrative of Scripture speaks into our scholarship, and Prof. John Lennox (Mathematics, University of Oxford) will offer a reflection with regard to the sciences.  After lunch, Prof. Lennox, Prof. Julian Rivers (Law, University of Bristol) and Dr Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin (Philosophy of Art, King’s College London) will lead break-out discussions in subject-specific tracks aimed at investigating how this teaching applies across the disciplines.  The breadth of subjects represented promises something for everyone!

For further information see or contact Meredith Thompson on the 'postgradinitiative' Gmail address.


FACM is a movement in Cambridge constituting a partnership between Jubilee Centre, KLICE, Christian Heritage and UCCF.  Its conferences are open to people from universities anywhere.


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