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      Slave Chronicles and Dangerous Beliefs

      Downloadable introductory course looking at how to explore different worldviews through the stories of slaves, slave owners and those enslaved to addiction.

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      Story course

      The RealityBites story course includes twenty PowerPoint presentations and about 70,000 words of text – enough material for a year with most groups. There are inspiring, faith-building stories, role plays, meditations, prayers, Bible studies, and suggestions for heated debate.

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      Subversive Questions course

      A short course exploring the question-and-parable method of Jesus and how to use it in mission today.

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      The Spy, the Rat and the Bed of Nails

      In this book, Mark Roques will show you how to begin a conversation that goes from something non-threatening and enjoyable like a Bond film and takes you and your listener on a journey where you can talk naturally and engagingly about your Christian faith.