Telling RB Stories in the toughest area in Leeds

RealityBites is now working in one of the most deprived areas in Leeds. When my good friend and co-worker, Mark Yeadon invited me to bring my storytelling gift to the Welcome café in Burmantofts I was…

Gangster Films and Discipleship

Chat about Gangster Films Consider two conversations about Gangster films on the streets of Leeds. Less Fruitful Conversation “Hello, my name is Derek and I love watching gangster films. Is that ok if…

Why Go out on the Streets at Night?

What a joy to be able to get out on the streets after lockdown and tell RealityBites stories to all kinds of non-Christian people. Working closely with my good friends Mark Yeadon and Mike Burkett we …

Albert Camus, Old Ladies, Human Rights and Newcastle United

The famous French Nobel Prize winning author Albert Camus (1913-60) once said that Christianity is a religion for old ladies. Today many western, secular people would agree with Albert. Christianity i…

Couple using selfie stick
Kim Kardashian, Selfies and the Cult of Physical Perfection

Kim Kardashian is a potent prophetess for the contemporary pagan worship of Venus. She earns millions serving the goddess of beauty and sex. In 2015 she published a book Selfish, packed with her self-…

Buddhist boy in water
Buddhist Despair with Rampant Consumerism

Materialism aka consumerism is such a seedy and destructive faith. Consider the story of 15 year old An who was sold by her parents to a brothel in Bangkok in Thailand. She was proud that her earnings…

Hope and Despair signpost
Jean-Paul Sartre and Other Backsliding Atheists

In this article I want to explore the neglected idea of the backsliding atheist. Just think of the scornful atheist who proclaims loudly: “I do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus. It’s all nonse…

Mark Roques
Mary’s Biblical worldview

This is my take on Mary’s Biblical worldview. I mention lottery winners, plagues, posh nosh and celebration.

Person with rope around their head
Six Ways of Looking at Cruelty

Just think about the cruelty of a human trafficker. A man (or woman) who kidnaps innocent women and children and turns their lives into a living hell. A few years ago the journalist Ross Kemp intervie…

Hand holding pipe
The Handyman and his Faith in Science

To be honest DIY is not my strength. My dad, Jim, was terrible at DIY and it seems to run in the family. My wife, Anne, was concerned about the lack of shelving for books in the house and I was commis…

Mark Roques on paganism
Goliath’s Pagan Worldview

This is my take on Goliath’s pagan worldview. I mention rabbit superstitions, Genghis Khan and Wallace and Gromit.

Hobbes quote
Mr Khan has killed 400 girls

I would like to show you how to compare and contrast the dangerous materialist faith with the Christian faith. It’s an intelligent and engaging way to talk about God’s kingdom. Mention Hobbes if you l…

Slave Chronicles banner
Confident, Imaginative Disciples are Urgently Required

There is a crisis in the church. Christians are not confident and imaginative when talking about the Christian faith. They might be bold when they talk about recipes, diets, sermons and holidays but t…

Ministry to Sixth Formers

For some time I’ve been thinking a lot about how to reach sixth formers with the Christian faith. We are talking about 17 and 18 year olds who dislike ‘religion’. I am reflecting on what I learned whe…

Compare and Contrast Approach to Discipleship

A powerful way to disciple friends and neighbours is to compare and contrast different faiths. Instead of preaching at people, you are offering insights about ‘religion’ and then sharing important tru…

Lottery Winners Conference

Yesterday I delivered my conference on Lottery Winners, Money and Religious Faith in a school in Doncaster. I was delighted that Joel Cribbin, a gifted youthworker came with me to observe the conferen…

Sumo Wrestling and Colossians 2:15

Sumo wrestling is a Japanese form of wrestling that challenges many aspects of Christian discipleship. Here are some of the reasons why I could never become a rikishi (sumo wrestler). Firstly I am not…

Black Lives and Dangerous Ideologies

Delighted that the Baptist Times has published my article on Black Lives and Dangerous Ideologies. Follow the link to read it on their site.

Human Trafficking and Discipleship

I am currently working on a course for RealityBites on how slavery and trafficking can help us in both evangelism and discipleship so I wanted to blog about ‘Tarzan’. In a debate with atheists I once …

Beau Brummell and the Dandy Faith

If we are to engage in credible and intelligent mission we have to understand worldviews. Let’s examine the dandy mindset. Beau Brummel (1778-1840) was an English dandy who was obsessed with beauty, f…

Shay Cullen and Human Trafficking

Father Shay Cullen is a priest from Ireland and a member of the Missionary Society of St. Columban. He has devoted his life to rescuing and ministering to child prostitutes in the Philippines since 19…

Do not trust in these gods!

This is a short tract about men and women who are believed to be divine. Do not put your faith in Prince Philip, Maradona or Tendulkar Mathematician Pythagoras was worshipped by many. He urged his fol…

Become a Consumerist Today

Become a Consumerist Today My name is Ron and I am a lad from London. I am a consumerist. My life is all about consuming cars, motorbikes, haircuts and films. I will be a millionaire in ten years. Thi…

What is Evil?

Trying to redeem the humble ‘tract’: saying something important in just 400 words. How do you Make Sense of Evil and Suffering? I’m sure you’ve noticed all the evil and suffering in the wo…

Is Prince Philip the Chosen One?

​Is the Duke of Edinburgh God’s Chosen One? There are people on the island of Tanna in the South Pacific Ocean who worship the Duke of Edinburgh as a god. The islanders used to be committed cannibals …

The Baptist Times on RealityBites

Delighted that the Baptist Times has published my article on Serving God in schools and on the streets. I am trying hard to get people thinking about a worldview-infused way of doing mission and disci…

Student Ministry in Leeds is Expanding

​RealityBites works in schools but we also work on the streets serving students, homeless people and passersby with Christian hospitality and good-humoured conversation. We set up our stall opposite t…

Fantastic Feedback to my conference on Mafia hitmen, Jesus and Satan

I was incredibly encouraged by the feedback and response I received yesterday. Here is the feedback of two students. “Mark Roques visited my sixth form to give a philosophical lecture about the Mafia …

Superstition can lead to Murder

​Story Residents of Anomabo, a fishing community in the Central Region of Ghana, have revealed that two of their gods insist that they defecate on their local beaches. Apparently the gods use the stoo…

Student Ministry in Leeds

​RealityBites is a ministry that is part of Thinking Faith Network. What do we do? Here is one of our projects. My good friend Mark Yeadon and I reach out to students by telling stories and sharing th…

Young People Serving the Technology god

Young people learn how to serve a very powerful and hypnotic god. Technology is a good gift from God but can easily become an idol. A bit of background to this. The famous Russian revolutionary T…

How to evangelise with Mafia boss Toto Riina to help you

The Story The Mafia ‘Boss of bosses’ Salvatore ‘Toto’ Riina was nicknamed ‘The Beast’ because of his brutality. He led a reign of terror which included the assassin…

Parable of the French Teacher

Delighted that the Baptist Times has published my article on how a French teacher can serve God. This is an introduction to the issues of dualism, worldviews, consumerism and serving God outside the s…

From food to Jesus

I am writing a short booklet which aims to help people to talk creatively about Jesus. This is my first chapter. Love feedback if you have a moment.             &nbs…

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Buried Alive for 147 days! His mum, Emma inspired him!
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William Tyndale and Cobblers
Inspiring Story of Brazilian Footballer Gilberto Silva
How the gladiator games came to an end
Cannibal tribe transformed by the gospel
Amar’s Painful Vow
Serving God as a Diplomat
Serving God as an Opera Singer
French Teachers, Horoscopes and Serving Jesus
Serving God as an accountant
Daily Work (Part 1)
The Ugandan Pastor who has adopted 1700 orphans
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