Mafia Mobsters and Windows on Worldviews

Windows on Worldviews: exploring secular beliefs in A-level and GCSE Philosophy, Ethics and Religiou…

Adolf goes Camping

Frau Beckstein lived in Austria at the fag end of the 19th century. She was a noble and idealistic s…

Thor’s not Happy

Thor, the Norse hammer chucker, is not a happy god! In this exclusive interview we get the low down …

New Age Faith and the Cosmic Ordering Service

Barbel Mohr was a best-selling German author who wrote the book The Cosmic Ordering Service: A Guide…

Science Worship and Mass Murder

Consider two conversations about Science and God on the streets of Leeds. Less Fruitful Conversation…

Serving God as Cobblers and French Teachers

How can we serve God outside the church sphere? Many Christians today are aware of the problem of du…

Sex and the Revival of Epicureanism

It was a very good evening last night. Justin Brierley interviewed Andrew Bunt and Charlie Bell on o…

Apologetics, Jesus Dreams and Eric Cantona

In the Bible there are many stories of God speaking to people in dreams. In Genesis chapter 41 God s…

Magi, Tiberius, Astrology and Murder

During this advent season we often think about the Magi who came to worship Jesus. We don’t know if …

Cannibalism really works for us

I remember going to the doctor twenty years ago. I was suffering from panic attacks. I told the doct…

How Hollywood Films Evangelise us

Hollywood films are great to enjoy over a carton of popcorn. Enjoy but be discerning. They often pro…

Expressive Individualism and Genghis Khan

In the past many believed in the Bible and God’s Word. A few still do. Then secularism destroyed thi…

Zen and the Art of Forest Conservation

Tokusan (780 – 865) was a tough and cantankerous Chinese Zen master. He wielded a menacing bam…

RE teacher talking
Playlets with Purpose

RealityBites’ lively new theatre-in-education project plans to bring Christian perspectives an…

How to worship trees today

You might have heard of the expression ‘touch wood’. It is a popular saying in the UK. It is a relic…

Trees, Forests and Worldviews

I’ve been thinking a lot about trees recently. I love them. We have some great trees where we live i…

The Inspiring Story of August Francke who transformed a German City

Story August Francke (1663 – 1727) was a German preacher and social reformer who established a…

Jimmy Savile’s Worldview

A Chat about Jimmy Savile Consider two conversations about Jimmy Savile on the streets of Leeds. Les…

The Danger of Trusting in Lucky Charms

Chat about Lucky Charms Less Fruitful Conversation “My name is Debby and I have two lucky charms. Wh…

Putin and Dawkins: why I’m tempted to return to the atheism of my youth

In recent weeks I have been thinking about my life. I was an atheist from the ages of 13 to 21. Then…

Do you pray to a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorbike?

Consider two conversations about motorbikes on the streets of Leeds. Less Fruitful Conversation “My …

Telling RB Stories in the toughest area in Leeds

RealityBites is now working in one of the most deprived areas in Leeds. When my good friend and co-w…

Gangster Films and Discipleship

Chat about Gangster Films Consider two conversations about Gangster films on the streets of Leeds. L…

Why Go out on the Streets at Night?

What a joy to be able to get out on the streets after lockdown and tell RealityBites stories to all …

Albert Camus, Old Ladies, Human Rights and Newcastle United

The famous French Nobel Prize winning author Albert Camus (1913-60) once said that Christianity is a…

Couple using selfie stick
Kim Kardashian, Selfies and the Cult of Physical Perfection

Kim Kardashian is a potent prophetess for the contemporary pagan worship of Venus. She earns million…

Buddhist boy in water
Buddhist Despair with Rampant Consumerism

Materialism aka consumerism is such a seedy and destructive faith. Consider the story of 15 year old…

Hope and Despair signpost
Jean-Paul Sartre and Other Backsliding Atheists

In this article I want to explore the neglected idea of the backsliding atheist. Just think of the s…

Mark Roques
Mary’s Biblical worldview

This is my take on Mary’s Biblical worldview. I mention lottery winners, plagues, posh nosh an…

Person with rope around their head
Slavery, Cruelty and Nietzsche

Just think about the cruelty of a human trafficker. A man (or woman) who kidnaps innocent women and …

Hand holding pipe
The Handyman and his Faith in Science

To be honest DIY is not my strength. My dad, Jim, was terrible at DIY and it seems to run in the fam…

Mark Roques on paganism
Goliath’s Pagan Worldview

This is my take on Goliath’s pagan worldview. I mention rabbit superstitions, Genghis Khan and…

Hobbes quote
Mr Khan has killed 400 girls

I would like to show you how to compare and contrast the dangerous materialist faith with the Christ…

Slave Chronicles banner
Confident, Imaginative Disciples are Urgently Required

There is a crisis in the church. Christians are not confident and imaginative when talking about the…

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Buried Alive for 147 days! His mum, Emma inspired him!
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