Another side of the Welsh Revival

During the Welsh revival of 1904 there were many extraordinary incidents. Here is one of them.

During a revival meeting in a disused sawmill in Aberdare, a heckler began shouting – "There is no God, if there be a God strike us dead in our seats all of us three". The man was full of derision and nothing could staunch his flow. "There you are, you see nothing happens!" His scornful laughter reverberated around the building.

Pamela Shepherd, a Salvation Army preacher spoke sharply to the man – "Infidel, God is not mocked. On your knees man, beg forgiveness while you still have time". The man seemed stunned and there was a gasp from the hushed crowd as the heckler suddenly clenched the rail of the bench in front of him with an iron hold. His two friends had to prise his hands loose and then he slumped to the floor. The two men tried to lift him and then one burst out in a shattered cry – "He is dead!" Within a few weeks the other two men fell ill and died.


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