Off to Australia

Next week I am off to Darwin in Australia where I will be delivering an academic paper on storytelling and a popular presentation entitled James Bond, Rat worship and Postmodernism: Subversive Questions for Christian Educators.

The conference is called Educating for Tough Times. There will be more than 1000 people attending.

Here is my take on how Bond would answer the five big faith questions. Bond is a great way to get young people thinking about faith.

Where am I?

I am living in a world full of gadgets, helicopters, booby-trapped briefcases, beautiful women, luxury and enemy spies.

Who am I?

I am Bond… James Bond. I am a supremely confident MI6 agent. I am 007 licensed to kill. I have complete confidence in my ability to achieve all my assignments. All women find me extremely attractive.

What's wrong?

Sometimes I lack complete control over nature and other people. Sometimes enemy agents refuse to be killed instantly. Sometimes I am attacked by huge crocodiles and sharks.

What's the solution?

I will trust in science and technology. Q will help me here. I have complete confidence in my ability to conquer my enemies and seduce all the attractive women. They can't resist me.

What will happen to me after death?

It's almost impossible to kill me but after I die at home in bed I will rot and be eaten by worms.


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Mark, old boy… I simply love your presentation title! Could I have a little peek at your pres (slideshow?) if you by chance could email it to me?? I'm a Christian educator, and I want to be subversive!
P.S. If you're interested in a tragic Victorian story about killer fog, a piano, an orphan, and a train, see or look up the youtube clip at

And what an excellent session it was too – Fire alarm and all.
I loved your version of Bond's worldview! I was also impressed to hear you today say that you are unpacking some of these subversive questions with seventh graders. It gives me food for thought for my Year 7s.
And I was also enjoyed hearing about Hetty – the meanest woman who ever lived. My mum's name is Hetty!
Cheers, Mark – thanks for coming all this way to inspire us.

Simply Brilliant – fire alarm evacuation and all. Thrilled you could come Down Under and share your love of storytelling. Practical and inspiring with a healthy dose of humour!

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