Christian bank in Tanzania is good news to the poor

On the southern slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro, a small bank owned by 330 000 members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania's Northern District is improving the lives of poor Christians, while still managing to make a profit!

"When we started, the projections were that we would make profits after three or five years", said Fahanaeli Andrew Kihunrwa, general manager of the Uchumi Commercial Bank Ltd in the town of Moshi. "But in one year and three months we started making profits. So people have been wondering how we did it."

Kihunrwa explains, "The simplest answer they find is that this is church-based. God is with them."

This is an inspiring story and it opens up the connection between faith and economic activity. 'Godly' banking only makes sense if there is a God who faithfully responds to prayer. We need stories like this when 'secular' people assert that 'religion is the source of all the world's evils' etc.

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