Dangerous Faith in Santa Muerte


Many call her Santa Muerte (Saint Death) but she has been condemned by the Roman Catholic church. The grim, skeletal female figure has a huge following in Mexico. Faith in Santa Muerte is popular among criminals, drug lords and ne'er-do-wells who sometimes crawl piously to a Santa Muerte shrine. This is the fastest growing religion in the Americas. There are approximately 10 - 12 million worshippers, mostly in Mexico, but also significant numbers in the United States and Central America. Picture it. You want to smuggle cocaine into the USA and you want supernatural help. Do you pray to Jesus or Santa Muerta? It's a no brainer.

Background Notes

Santa Muerte is very popular because she is viewed as an amoral supernatural power that can be invoked for corrupt and seedy purposes. Worshippers feel comfortable going to her with nasty and selfish prayers. She has been present in Mexican culture since Spanish colonial times when Catholic colonizers, hoping to evangelize the native people of Mexico, brought over female grim reaper figures as a depiction of death. In many parts of the world animists make bargains with the spirits and this is the heart of this faith. A follower might promise to bring Santa Muerte cigars and Tequila if she answers the petition. Fr. Gary Thomas, a Vatican-trained exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose in Mexico, explained that he has prayed with people who have been oppressed by demons after praying to Santa Muerte. Many say that you cannot leave the Santa Muerte faith. She will exact revenge and punish the faithless ones who spurn her.

Four Ways of Looking at the Story

Materialist Faith: "We believe that faith in Santa Muerte is just as foolish as faith in Jesus or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Stop praying to illusory gods and put your faith in science and technology.

Relativist faith: "We believe that every religion has truth in it. If Santa Muerte floats your boat, start crawling to her shrine."

Santa Muerta faith: "We believe that Santa Muerte has great power to answer our prayers. She can help us in our darkest hours. Unlike Jesus we can ask her to help us smuggle drugs and have our enemies killed."

Christian faith: "We believe that praying to Santa Muerte is very dangerous. Evil powers love tricking people into serving them through this popular but deadly faith.


1) Why do people prefer Santa Muerte to Jesus?

2) Is it a harmless faith?

3) How is faith in Santa Muerte different from faith in the money god?


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Can u have a Santa muerte and jesus altar together?

You're missing the whole point you don't have to choose between Jesus Santa morta their package deal cannot have life without death Christ brings us eternal life but she comes for us all and not all those who follow her are criminals you can go ahead and pay stats that way because it's easy to serve your purposes but it's not the truth if you're a Christian you guys should speak the truth deal with your opposition truthfully don't spread lies about us I worship Christ but she will come for us all respective life without death has no balance and this world this life is all about balance what is a sunny day without the rain what is Joy without pain and that's all I have to say

Is it true that Santa murete has many different appearance / color

Christians believe you should put no other false God's before Jesus!! So how can you have both??? If you believe in Jesus or God you could not believe in Santa muerte??? I'm speaking as a Christian and not downing anyone's beliefs, I'm just trying to understand??? Thank you

you need to shut up on calling people belives delusional .kind of funny you went to do some research on la santa murete .heres the kicker you have a long way to go

What happens if someone prays to la Santa Muerte? Is there a prayer to God that can protect us from anything coming from La Santa Muerte. My ex said he prayed to it and promised things to it if his court case goes well. He had completely changed and I’m scared he might be embrujado.