Iron sharpens Iron: Fifty Questions for Radical Disciples

Here are fifty questions that I have crafted to help Christians in mission and discipleship. Can you think of any others?     

1) How does the Bible begin and how does it end?

2) Can you summarise the biblical story in one sentence?

3) What is the cultural or creation mandate?

4) Did God want humans to build cities, invent helicopters and play football?

5) How did Adam and Eve's rebellion plunge the creation into ruin and futility?

6) What were the six relationships twisted by sin and idolatry?

7) Why did God make a covenant with Abraham?

8) How is the Torah restorative and redemptive?

9) What is significant about the Year of Jubilee?

10) Why is it so deadly when people worship idols/false gods?

11) How does the Old Testament point to Jesus the Messiah?

12) Why is it important to understand the lives of faithful kings like David?

13) Why is it vital to understand the lives of evil kings like Ahab?

14) How can the book of Hosea help us to understand God's pain?

15) What did Jesus mean by the kingdom of God?

16) How does satan oppose the kingdom of God?

17) Why did Jesus die on the cross?

18) What is the significance of the resurrection of Jesus?

19) What is resurrection hope?

20) Will the earth be destroyed or discovered when Jesus returns?

21) How can prayer and fasting help Christians?

22) Why is it vital for disciples to be accountable to other disciples?

23) What is meant by the term 'common grace'?

24) Why is it so easy to be secular in the UK today?

25) How does animism challenge the secular mindset?

26) How can a French/Maths teacher promote consumerism?

27) How is the health and wealth gospel shaped by consumerism?

28) How does consumerism captivate the imaginations of people today?

29) What god did Napoleon serve and why did he trust in his lucky coin?

30) Why is it dangerous to pray to dead people or the Virgin Mary?

31) How would you manage a conversation about the devil?

32) How does biblical teaching challenge karma and reincarnation?

33) "The god in me, bows to the god in you." Is this biblical?

34) How might you manage a friendly conversation with a Muslim?

35) Why do some Muslims trust in amulets to protect them from the 'evil eye'?

36) Why are many Muslims opposed to LGBT sex education?

37) What are the dangers in Reiki healing?

38) What is a biblical response to Christian Science?

39) How can the New Age movement encourage occult involvement?

40) How do whirling dervishes seek God?

41) How would you manage a conversation with a Buddhist?

42) "I desire God and the soul. Nothing else." Is this biblical?

43) Is it biblical to talk about the 'immortal soul'?

44) How has mysticism impacted the church?

45) How is modernism different from postmodernism?

46) How can faith in progress lead to mass murder?

47) How do the idols of prosperity, nation and revolution work?

48) Do atheists/agnostics have faith?

49) How can we challenge secularism by telling provocative stories?

50) How does Darwinism undermine human rights?




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Brilliant mate - some excellent, thought-provoking questions.

Here are a few I've come up with:

What does it mean to image God?

Why do Christians confuse full-time Christian mInistry with church-related activities?

Will we meet Muslims on the new earth?

What does it mean to be a good neighbour?

Why for so many is Christianity treated like a hobby, something we do on weekends?

Can we use the term Christian as an adjective eg Christian art, Christian philosophy ...?

Why do so many Christian book covers look awful?

If you won a million pounds how would you spend it?

Can we really be spiritual without being religious?

Why are so many non-believes better behaved than Christians?

Can we be good without God?

Does life = matter + time + chance?

Is there a sacred secular divide?

If you had £10 million how would you spend it?

This is the third time I've tried to post - hopefully one will get through!

Searching questions Mark! Certainly many will spark conversation, if we are not all able to give answers. How about - is a story better than a sermon?? Great stuff Mark, keep going...

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