Four Ways of Understanding Rat Worship

Why is rat worship so unpopular in the western world? A few thoughts.

Secular responses to rat worship can be either postmodernist or modernist. For committed modernists like Richard Dawkins or James Bond, rat worship is superstitious, unscientific and deeply irrational. It's just plain wrong. Postmodernists would beg to differ; rat worship may seem quirky but sovereign, autonomous believers have every right to entertain bizarre opinions. Modernists have a strong tendency to stress the autonomy of science and postmodernists tend to stress the autonomy of people to believe whatever they fancy. (Do remember that there are sophisticated versions of both modernism and postmodernism but you never encounter these views outside a tiny minority of very clever boffins and intellectuals.)

So there are four basic responses to rat worship:

  1. The modernist response that deems rat worship to be completely false because it isn't scientific and 'rational'.
  2. The postmodernist view that asserts that rat worship is true for those who believe in it. (This view is sometimes referred to as relativism).
  3. The response of the committed rat worshipper who believes in the literal existence of the rat goddess and the divinity of her rats.
  4. The Christian response that urges us to worship Christ and not rats (or anything else that is part of the good creation; this includes science, technology and clever gadgets).

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