Girl sells baby. Should we be surprised?

The following story is appearing in newspapers.

Police in northern Greece say a 12-year-old girl has been arrested along with three of her relatives after selling her 10-week-old baby son for 12,500 euros to undercover officers posing as adoptive parents. Police said the girl, her 44-year-old aunt and her aunt's parents, aged 65 and 71, were all arrested on illegal adoption charges.

The 12-year-old was expected to be released from custody after being interviewed by a public prosecutor. The incident took place in Xrysoupoli, a town about 700km northeast of Athens, after police acted on a tip and used marked banknotes for the transaction. The baby was taken to hospital for observation.

Again, we need to use such stories in our discipleship programmes. The issues are not complex. If we believe deep down that Singer is right then we will live accordingly. Babies are 'morally irrelevant' and so selling them makes complete sense. Hobbes put this most clearly when he argued the following: Humans are machines. Humans have no free will. Humans are only valuable if someone is willing to stump up cash.

This leads of course to people selling and killing babies. Some humans are worth £4.99. Fernando Torres is worth £50 million. Some are worthless.

Why is it that churches never spend time helping people to understand this pernicious, pagan religion (materialism)?

Why the endless talks about Daniel and the tigers?

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