HITEC University and the Money god

HITEC university is situated about 20 miles north-west of Islamabad in Pakistan. It got started in 2007 and now has more than 1400 students.

This is how it 'sells' itself on its website:

HITEC University offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Engineering, Management Sciences, Mathematics, Computer and Islamic Shariah. The up-to-date and well-conformed [sic] syllabi have been tailored to the market needs and are designed to equip the students with the latest developments in their fields of specialization.

This sounds like a university that indoctrinates young people into a materialism where the Market has become an all-consuming god. Thomas Hobbes would be cheering!

HITEC university is only making explicit what is implicit in the vast majority of western universities.

Notice that the curriculum at the HITEC University is focused upon faithful service to the Market. Notice also that this university does not offer such subjects as Classics, History and Philosophy etc. Many western universities are now dispensing with subjects that do not please the money god.

Be alert to the power of the materialist gospel as it domesticates both Christianity and Islam.

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