Hollywood Ruins Joseph Story

Tim Rice is an incredibly rich man who has made 150 million pounds sterling crafting lyrics about Joseph and many others. Here is Joseph's finale:

I closed my eyes,
drew back the curtain
to see for certain what I thought I knew.
Far far away, someone was weeping
but the world was sleeping;
Any dream will do.

To be fair it's a really good tune but the words are pure Hollywood mythology. Romanticism gone mad. Follow your heart and follow your dreams. Would Joseph Stalin have found this advice (any dream will do) helpful and inspiring?

Instead of a Joseph who trusts in Yahweh and believes that God is faithful to His covenant promises we have a plucky, lucky, self-reliant secular hero! God has vanished. God is no longer the hero of the drama. Plucky Joe has taken his place. Singing this song, crafty old Joe Stalin would have felt deeply reassured. After all, didn't he follow his dream?

We desperately need to help young people to understand the difference between the biblical Joseph and the Hollywood distortion.

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