Katie Price and Idolatry

A few months ago I was speaking to a group of teachers on a retreat. One of the women present got very cross with me when I dared to suggest that Katie Price (aka Jordan) wasn't a very good role model.

Indeed I would go further than this. Jordan is the living embodiment of a pagan consumerist religion. Listen to what she said recently in an interview with the Daily Telegraph:

No one can live without money. Money and religion are the big things, and that's it, and I stay away from religion. We love to earn money, who doesn't? It gets you things and it's security.

It's vital that we realise that Jordan is deeply mistaken about herself. She is profoundly into religion – the religion of the powerful money god. Jordan is quite literally willing to do anything to make a coin. She is now worth more than 40 million pounds sterling and she has commodified everything about herself – her chest, her marriages, her memories etc.

We should also notice that Jordan disciples many people into her 'religion'. Consider this story about Shell Short a young woman who is blinded by the celebrity circus.

My obsession with looking like Jordan has left me £30,000 in debt but I won't stop having surgery! I break down in tears worrying about my debts, but when I look in the mirror and can almost see Jordan staring back, I know its worth it.

For more on this tragic story, read the story on Closer Magazine.

Many women are being renewed in the image of Katie and her ilk (See Colossians 3:10). Becoming more and more like the false gods they follow. Many will sacrifice everything to become like their 'idols'. (Look at Psalm 115). Tragically few have the resources of Katie and her friends.

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