Marriage and Consumerism

Vickie Lynn Marshall (1967 – 2007) was better known under the stage name of Anna Nicole Smith. She was an American model, actress and television celebrity. She first gained fame by appearing in the magazine Playboy when she became the 1993 Playmate of the Year. In 1994 she became notorious when, at the age of 26, she married the 89 year old billionaire J. Howard Marshall. This union led to numerous allegations that she was a cynical and opportunistic gold digger. In 1995, Marshall died and Smith began a lengthy legal battle over a share of his huge estate. She died at the age of 39, apparently as a result of an overdose of prescription drugs.

Smith stated that she was a Christian in a television interview, saying: "Jesus Christ is my lord and savior, and will always be, and I pray every day."

Some people believe that marriage is merely a contract. They enter marriage in order to increase their bank balance or enhance their status. For some marriage is all about personal profit and gain. On this view marriage is a means to an end. If the spouse doesn't deliver the goods – you leave the marriage. We could say that this is a consumerist approach to marriage. We consume a marriage in much the same way that we consume popcorn or chocolate. It's there, it gives pleasure and then suddenly it's gone. An original feature of the consumerist worldview is its uncanny ability to transform every relationship into a business proposition.

Tragically there are many stories of consumerists who believe they are Christians!

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