RealityBites in Melbourne, Bradford and Leeds

Over the last two weeks RealityBites has delivered nine separate lectures, workshops and seminars to more than 700 people in both Australia and the UK. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster but very rewarding and encouraging.

People do love our stories. And if these dramatic, cheeky and intriguing stories can help them spill the perfume of God's kingdom, it's even better!

RealityBites specialises in telling the stories of inspiring Christians who are serving God in all areas of life. These narratives include cobblers, soldiers, electricians, bankers, orphan lovers, artists, writers, business people and followers of Jesus who work in Asda. We also tell stories to help people understand consumerism, secularism and our contemporary world. RB stories can also be used in mission and everyday conversation.

Here is an example of the kind of response we are currently enjoying:

Hello there Mark, can I just say how fantastic your talk/stories were yesterday. I was enthralled. Really well done.

Please do continue to pray for this work. If you are loaded please give generously so that we can do more.


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Great stuff, Mark. Time we marketed as Reality Bites International!

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