RealityBites off to Melbourne, Bradford and Leeds

It's a very busy month for RealityBites. I will be speaking to 650 Christian teachers at a conference organised by Christian Education National in Melbourne which is downunder. I will also be delivering a range of workshops to smaller numbers at the same conference. I will then be speaking at several schools in the Victoria state.

My focus will be spelling out the unique RealityBites pedagogical methodology. You'll have to get on a plane and join me in Melbourne if you want to know more.

When I return to Blighty I will tune into Match of the Day and marinade in the wisdom of Gary Lineker and Alan Hanson. Great lads but they do lack biblical insight and worldview awareness. They might know about Wayne Rooney but have they read Nietzsche? I doubt it.

Suitcases unpacked, a hug from my wife and son and then I'm off to Bradford to speak at a seminar at the Bradford Diocesan Day. My theme will be 'Secularism is neither neutral nor harmless'. Finally I will be doing a workshop on 'Inspiring Disciples' at Bridge Street Church in Leeds.

Do lob up some prayers for me this month!


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