RealityBites in New Zealand

It's been a really fabulous time for RB in New Zealand.

In partnership with the International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE) and the Bethlehem Tertiary Institute in Taraunga, I delivered six workshops to about 30 academics from Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan and Tonga. Other speakers included Dr John Kok from the USA, Ken Dickens and Chris Parker from Oz and Dr J Dinakarlal from India.

I was told by many of the academics present that our style is 'refreshing', 'imaginative' and 'cheeky'. One person said that the experience had been a 'treat' for her! To be frank and candid I was overwhelmed by the very positive responses to our work in the land of the kiwis. Being a bit thick and ignorant I hadn't realised that kiwis are endangered flightless birds that are indigenous to New Zealand.

Thank you very much to our dear friend and conference host Dr. Bev Norsworthy who did a superb job organising the conference along with Michelle Wyllie. Bev's husband, John was also very friendly and hospitable in showing me around the northern island. Apologies if I have missed anyone out!

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