RealityBites Nominated for Jerusalem Award

We are delighted to inform you that RealityBites director Mark Roques has been shortlisted for a Jerusalem Award 2015 in the category of Short Form Radio.

The feature was entitled Football and Faith and here follows a bit of background about the radio spot.

The World Cup attracts huge global attention and so last year I teamed up with ReachBeyond's UK radio department Whistling Frog Productions to create a feature about some of the fascinating connections between football and faith.

The five minute package was broadcast last year across the UKRD commercial radio network (16 stations across England) on 6th July – a week before the World Cup Final.

Having written a book about football – Fields of God: Football and the Kingdom of God in 2003 I wanted to say that God loves the beautiful game and that one day we will play football on the renewed and restored earth. This view of the afterlife is strikingly different from the traditional story of heaven that seriously distorts the biblical theme of creation. Too often Christians focus upon 'heaven' and 'souls' and this has created much mischief in Christian circles. It makes God boring and Christianity otherworldly and irrelevant.

RealityBites is committed to innovative communication of the Christian faith and part of this work includes telling the biblical story in a faithful and imaginative way.

God is certainly not boring and he shines in all that is good and this includes sport and even football.


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Congratulations! Well deserved.

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