RealityBites in Perth

Here is a brief report on my trip to Perth.

I delivered two lectures to more than 900 Christian teachers. I also led three workshops with smaller groups. I focused on the power of storytelling and worldview awareness to transform Christian education. I spent time outlining Jesus' pedagogy and the importance of crafting imaginative and non-cheesy speech acts.

The other plenary speaker, Rod Wilson, President of Regent College in Vancouver amazed me with his brilliant and powerful accounts of his struggles to parent a very difficult daughter. He and his wife Bev are such warm and gifted people. It was an honour and a privilege to meet them.

I was also invited to Carey Baptist College and I delivered an assembly on William Carey to about 400 teenagers. One of the highlights of my trip was teaching several classes in the school. I was particularly encouraged by leading a discussion on the Hollywood and Buddhist worldviews. Teacher Karl Najjar welcomed me into his classroom and we had a wonderful time talking about animal stories that evoke awe and wonder. The children seemed entranced by the story of Pocho, the friendly crocodile and Jasmine the nurturing greyhound who loves other animals.

I was also very moved by another teacher who asked her class to sing a praise song for me. It was a poignant experience and I had to fight back the tears!

Thanks so much to the warm and wonderful hospitality of Ray Dallin and Jacqueline Bartlett-Day who did such a great job organising and delivering the conference. The food, vibe and conference location were superb!

Here is my talk on Inspiring Disciples and Christian Education:

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