'Religious Education: Realising the Potential' – Ofsted Report based on evidence from inspections of 185 schools, 2009-2012

  • Pupils leave school knowing almost nothing about core Christian beliefs.
  • Pupils are often exposed to Mickey Mouse Relgious Education that they find babyish and unchallenging.
  • Pupils are unable to think coherently about religious beliefs and how they shape our lives.
  • Pupils understand RE in almost complete isolation from the rest of the curriculum.
  • Pupils are rarely challenged when they spout nonsensical claptrap.

This is my summary of the recent Ofsted report on religious education in England. The report is accurate and insightful. It has one fatal flaw: it fails to alert the reader to the reality of contemporary education.

Young people are being indoctrinated into either scientism (everything is just physical and you are a selfish calculating machine) or relativism (you can think what you like about anything you like because you are completely autonomous). Notice this fragrant nuance. Some spout both without any critical distance!

Scientism and relativism are very dangerous worldviews because they are so rarely noticed and critically scrutinised. Like the Stealth Bomber they are very hard to see!

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