Review of Church Actually

  • Gerard Kelly, Church Actually: God's Brilliant Idea, Oxford: Lion Hudson, 2011

Gerard has written a real gem of a book here. He offers us imaginative and vibrant pictures of God's heartbeat for church. It's without doubt the best read on church in the market right now. He challenges the drabness, greyness and ugly dualism that turns people off the Christian faith! He re-imagines church in the context of a Creator God who is busy redeeming every nook and cranny of His broken world.

My only criticism of the book (and I'm being churlish here) is that Gerard does not say enough about non-ecclesiastical 'kingdom structures' such as Neema, Green Pastures, the Clapham Sect etc. In my view God's kingdom is made more visible by such prophetic institutions and local churches should work closely with these kingdom structures.

This book should be required reading for all vicars, curates and vergers. It should be studied and discussed by housegroups all over the UK and beyond.

Church Actually is well researched, inspiring and beautifully written. Kelly's poetic eloquence, wisdom and wit will bless you mightily.

Thank you Gerard for this great resource!

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