Ritual Murder and the Biblical Story

In the newspapers there have been harrowing accounts of human sacrifice. A five year old Nigerian boy was smuggled into Britain and murdered in a voodoo-style 'muti' ritual killing. He was drugged with a 'black-magic' potion and sacrificed before being thrown into the Thames, where his torso washed up next to the Globe Theatre in September 2001.

Detectives have used pioneering scientific techniques to trace radioactive isotopes in his bones to his native Nigeria. They even enlisted Nelson Mandela to appeal for information about the murder. But they always struggled to formally identify the boy, who they called Adam, despite travelling to the West African state to try to trace his family. Now Nigerian Joyce Osiagede, the only person to be arrested in Britain as part of the inquiry, has claimed that the boy's real name is Ikpomwosa.

In an interview with ITV's London Tonight, Mrs Osiagede said she looked after the boy in Germany for a year before traveling to Britain without him in 2001. She claimed she handed the boy over to a man known as Bawa who later told her that he was dead and threatened to kill her unless she kept silent.

When we read stories like this we are confronted with evil and wickedness. And we all have to give a response.

Do we shrug our shoulders and ignore this? Or do we learn to indwell the biblical story and make sense of God's love for his creation and His judgment on human and angelic rebellion? Or is this horrific murder merely the inevitable consequence of impersonal physical forces (materialism)? Something that had to happen because naturalism is the best explanation?

We need to reflect deeply and pray – Your kingdom come.

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