Shenanigans at Sky

There's been a lot of talk in the press about these two geezers – Andy Gray and Richard Keys. They've both departed Sky Sports amid a cloud of lurid and seedy lad mag shenanigans. Apparently both 'lads' like aggressive sexist banter and don't mind upsetting people. Any nastiness is understood as just having a bit of a 'laff' and a joke luv! They love their nasty banter and so should we.

It is the culture of fear and bullying that we need to understand. Aggressive banter really does hurt. But we need to see banter through the lens of the biblical story. In earlier postings Jon Swales and David Hanson have talked about the biblical story and how it begins with the goodness of creation and the cultural mandate. Do reread those great postings. Banter is a wonderful thing when it is understood for what it is. Banter can bring warmth, joy and encouragement into our social lives. Banter can enrich our lives. We can even tell God our favourite jokes. But banter, just like football and politics etc is in urgent need of God's healing kingdom of shalom. Our God doesn't want to eliminate banter from our lives. He wants to redeem it. And this is good news for all of us who enjoy a bit of a 'laff and a joke'. God loves humour and in the beginning it was very good.


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