Student Ministry in Leeds

​RealityBites is a ministry that is part of ThinkingFaithNetwork.

What do we do? Here is one of our projects.

My good friend Mark Yeadon and I reach out to students by telling stories and sharing the good news of Jesus. We are inspired by the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). We follow Jesus by telling fascinating stories and asking provocative questions. We make ourselves vulnerable by serving hot drinks to students and homeless people outside the Library pub on Woodhouse Lane in Leeds.

Students will often stop and engage in lively and friendly debate. We talk about human trafficking, materialism, idolatry and explain why we believe in Jesus. Sometimes we pray for people. No sneering, warm smiles and many thank us for the conversation. We thank God that we have so many exciting and relevant conversations about Jesus and His kingdom.

Please pray that RealityBites can build a team to reach out to many more students in Leeds.

Would you like to be involved in this work? Do contact me:

We will be saying a lot more about this ministry in future postings.




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This is brilliant mate - keep up the great work

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