Evangelical Truth: A personal plea for unity


A clear case for Christians to be united in ‘evangelical’ belief from a much-loved evangelical leader.

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Evangelical Truth: A personal plea for unity
John Stott
IVP, Leicester, 1999

Evangelicalism is now so divided that some would question whether the word is even worth using. Is there real common ground which can hold us together? This heartfelt appeal from John Stott shows that there is. Distilling decades of reflection on Christian discipleship he shows the Trinitarian heart of evangelical faith: the gracious initiative of God the Father, in revealing himself to us; of Jesus Christ, in redeeming us through his cross and resurrection; and of the indwelling Holy Spirit in transforming us. The threefold emphasis of evangelical faith is upon the Word of God, the once-for-all work of Christ, and the active, continuing work of the Spirit. Directing us away from our differences, he reminds us of the glorious work of Father, Son and Spirit which unites us all.


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