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Epistemic humility is an important intellectual virtue that can help us navigate difficult problems on the faith–science interface, such as evolution and creation.

This year's Transforming the Mind, the annual national conference for Christian postgraduates and early career academics, will take place from 15 to 17 June 2018 in Dovedale House, Ilam. The speakers are Nick Megoran and Eline van Asperen, who will help us to think through what it means to be a Christian scholar, drawing on their own experience in UK Higher Education. 

Joanna Collicutt's expertise in psychology and theology helps us consider how we can display a Christ-like character in the university.

Mike Clifford takes the example of Daniel and his friends at the University of Babylon to encourage Christian postgraduates to thrive in their studies.

What does it mean to live out our human calling to image God in the university?

God's image in humanity is marred by sin and violence. But in Christ his image is restored in us, and we are called to be locations of his presence on earth as his Spirit works in us.

Richard Middleton on the human calling to image God and how this relates to our scholarly work.

An invitation to Transforming the Mind 2017, the annual National Christian Postgraduate Conference.

Although there are a few places in the UK where Christian postgraduate groups are thriving (have a look at the list on to find one near you), there are many cities and universities where there is no such group. This blog is one attempt to provide an online community. In the US, InterVarsity’s Graduate & Faculty Ministries faced a similar situation, and they found a similar solution! It’s called the Emerging Scholars Network. Their main aim is to ‘support those on the academic pathway as they work out how their academic vocation serves God and others’.

For Christmas a year ago I was given a book called ‘Wisdom for thinkers: An introduction to Christian philosophy’. It’s not a very thick book – under 200 pages – but fairly dense. So, having just finished it, I thought I’d tell you about it.

Wisdom for Thinkers by WJ Ouweneel