Seven-session course  |  Level: advanced

Many people think philosophy is about trying to prove that tables and chairs exist. It seems remote, highly abstract, even ludicrous. But it doesn’t have to be like that: philosophy, when done in the light of Scripture, can open our eyes to wisdom, flourishing and shalom. It can help us to rediscover wonder and joy in the amazing way that God has created his world. Philosophy can give us a map for other subjects – a comprehensive approach to the whole universe. We can philosophise about people, crocodiles, stinging nettles and rocks. We can philosophise about schools, churches, governments, hospitals and comics. We can philosophise about shrugs, grimaces, winks and ironic smiles.

This course investigates the history of philosophy, unravels some of its mysteries and suggests a richer way of doing the discipline of disciplines. It introduces you to key ideas of the great philosophers in a way that’s clear, accessible and entertaining. It will also introduce a kind of Christian philosophy that helps us to rethink and re-imagine schools, churches, banks, hospitals, farms and even the Internet. It will also help us talk intelligently and imaginatively about Jesus and his kingdom.

  • The Greeks: What’s at the heart of Plato and Aristotle? Where did the idea of the immortal soul come from, and where does it take us?
  • The Church Fathers: Why did St Augustine insist that farming, business and comedy are but ‘rivers of Babylon’?
  • The Reformers: John Calvin and Martin Luther had a very positive view of work and study. Even cobblers can please God!
  • The Italians and French: How did science and technology become gods in our culture? What happened to Christian faith in the Enlightenment?
  • The Scots and Germans: The big ideas in David Hume and Emmanuel Kant: enter scepticism and secularism.
  • The Darwinists: Are we nothing but animals? How does biological idolatry impact education and society.
  • The Dutch: How can Christian philosophy help us to re-imagine farms, businesses, hospitals, schools and even football?