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RE teacher talking
RE teacher talking
Unloosing the Chains of Injustice - flier image
Unloosing the Chains of Injustice - flier image
Stacks of books
Feeding the Earth: building and sustaining food systems for the good of all
Eight talks to improve the health and sustainability of our food systems worldwide.
Playlets with purpose
Find out about our lively new theatre-in-education project.
Faith in Democracy
What is the place of faith in public life in the UK? A three-part seminar series with Jonathan Chaplin for All of Life Redeemed
Iron Sharpens Iron
Our free online discussion events - last Friday of each month
Slave Chronicles and Dangerous Beliefs
Exploring different worldviews through the stories of slaves, slave owners and those enslaved to addiction.
Online bookstore
A selection of classic Christian books in the reformational tradition at discounted prices
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Feeding the Earth: building and sustaining food systems for the good of all
Playlets with purpose
Faith in Democracy
Iron Sharpens Iron
Slave Chronicles and Dangerous Beliefs
Online bookstore
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Our work

Exploring how imaginative Christian thinking can transform and enrich every area of life


Exploring Christian faith in daily life

Learning about how Christian faith impacts every area of life and the universe we live in.


Innovative communication of the Christian story

Real-life stories that unlock the Christian faith by comparing and contrasting it with other worldviews.


Dynamic Christian thinking about the ideas that shape our world

Academic study, creative endeavour and scientific thinking from a faith perspective, in the university and beyond.

About us

At Thinking Faith we are passionate about using our minds and imaginations to release the wisdom of the Christian faith into the world as a force for good. We want to work with others to:

  • create spaces where people can think deeply and creatively about the important issues of our day.
  • help discipleship and evangelism become more engaging and effective.
  • provide insight and direction for our daily work, mission and social action.


Our next events


Purchase our resources

Slave Chronicles and Dangerous Beliefs

Downloadable introductory course looking at how to explore different worldviews through the stories of slaves, slave owners and those enslaved to addiction.

The Spy, the Rat and the Bed of Nails

In this book, Mark Roques will show you how to begin a conversation that goes from something non-threatening and enjoyable like a Bond film and takes you and your listener on a journey where you can talk naturally and engagingly about your Christian faith.

Story course

The RealityBites story course includes twenty PowerPoint presentations and about 70,000 words of text – enough material for a year with most groups. There are inspiring, faith-building stories, role plays, meditations, prayers, Bible studies, and suggestions for heated debate.

Subversive Questions course

A short course exploring the question-and-parable method of Jesus and how to use it in mission today.

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Our blogs

Read the latest posts from the RealityBites and Faith-in-Scholarship blogs.

Playlets with Purpose

RealityBites’ lively new theatre-in-education project plans to bring Christian perspectives and a focus on worldviews to GCSE and A-Level Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies students. Building on the rich resources Mark Roques has developed over Read more…

Flourishing trees

About six weeks ago, I had the privilege of chairing one of the series of ‘Feeding the Earth’ webinars hosted by Thinking Faith Network, exploring contemporary research into food security from a ‘values’ perspective. The Read more…

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