Eight-session course  |  Level: intermediate

Why is talking about faith often awkward and filled with clichés? Why do our conversations about faith rarely grip people and intrigue them?

Mark Roques has spent his life tackling this issue and is convinced that our evangelism can be transformed if we learn to understand and engage with the beliefs that shape our world. In this course Mark will move us step by step through the world of religious and secular beliefs, equipping us to talk about the Christian faith in a way that is both engaging and insightful.

  • The biblical story: How to understand the Bible
  • Pagan Religions Part 1: How to talk to people who believe in fate, astrology, magic and the pagan gods
  • Pagan Religions Part 2: How to talk to people who love New Age ideas
  • Eastern Religions: How to talk to Buddhists and Hindus and those who believe in karma and reincarnation
  • The Enlightenment: How to talk to people who worship science, technology and progress
  • Romanticism: How to talk to people who believe in themselves, their dreams, and the pursuit of celebrity
  • Naturalist Dogma: How to talk to aggressive atheists and materialists
  • Postmodernist Confusion: How to talk to people who create their own religions and say that all truth is relative.