The Spy, the Rat and the Bed of Nails

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The Spy, the Rat and the Bed of Nails - coverCreative Ways of Talking about Christian Faith

Why is it so easy to talk about James Bond but so hard to talk about God and Jesus? Is it possible to introduce the Christian faith to our friends and work colleagues in ways that aren't cringeworthy and emotionally harrowing? Can we find a fresh, more imaginative and less embarrassing way of talking about the gospel? Can we rediscover boldness and confidence in our God-talk?

In this book, Mark Roques will show you how to begin a conversation that goes from something non-threatening and enjoyable like a Bond film and takes you and your listener on a journey where you can talk naturally and engagingly about your Christian faith. Here is an example of one of these creative 'spiels':

Rats scuttle happily in a temple in India, where they are worshipped, fed and adored. They have the best milk in town and full-time chefs produce superb food for them. There are four ways of looking at rat worship. Some say the rat worshipper is a lunatic and he should pack it in and go shopping. Others deeply admire the authentic faith of the rat worshipper. Some believe it is totally right to worship rats and appease the rat goddess. Some say - don't worship rats! Worship Christ the Lord. He made rats in the beginning (Colossians 1:16).

In the final chapter of the book Mark lays out 32 such spiels which will help you to talk credibly, confidently and creatively about Jesus and his kingdom.

Mark is one of the most brilliant gospel communicators I know. He challenges, provokes and inspires us to find creative ways to share with others. I loved this book and you will too!

Mark Russell, Chief Executive of Church Army

Storytelling is a vital part of communication - especially in evangelism. Mark’s book goes further and blends story with persuasion and insight. This will be a real resource for many.

Elaine Storkey, Sociologist, Author and Journalist

This is a brilliant book. Mark shows us how to communicate the Christian faith in a fresh, original and compelling way.

Mike Hill, Bishop of Bristol

Mark is an astute philosopher... and his new book, entitled The Spy, the Rat, and the Bed of Nails, is a brilliant introduction to the rationale and art of storytelling in a postmodern world as an entrée to communicating the gospel.

Richard J Middleton, author, professor and theologian

This is a great little book that gives creative insight into how to go about sharing your faith. If you struggle to talk about your faith, then I totally commend it to you.

Barry Woodward, Director of Proclaim Trust and author of Once an Addict

Was Jesus' storytelling as zany as Mark Roques? I think maybe it was. Mark is so good at helping us to recapture the storytelling method. It might mean people will enjoy listening to us when we talk about Jesus.

Geoff King, Leader of South Parade Baptist Church, Leeds

I love the style of this book. Stories spark imagination and open up life. Mark Roques gets this and helps us get it. Like Jesus he tells stories which light up what God’s like and about. He makes sharing faith a draw.

John Thomson, Bishop of Selby

This book is a great exemplar of the power of humour and story in sharing the gospel. It winsomely exposes the false worship in the worldviews of others and forces us to examine our own 'sub-gospel' ideas.

Ken Dickens, Principal of the National Institute for Christian Education, Australia

This book presents the reader with a great challenge. It asks - what are you doing to fulfil the great commission? It also asks - are you ready to share in new ways that reflect the culture of the world we inhabit rather than the one we have inherited. The book shows how vital it is that we take up this challenge and gives us tools and ideas that can transform the way we bring the gospel to life. This is a creative, provocative and personal approach to mission and one that should be brought to the attention of all churches.

Nigel Roberts, Education Advisor for Youth for Christ

Mark is also available for sermons, courses, talks or workshops on creative ways of talking about Christian faith and the themes explored in the book.

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